Workout in STYLE

Whether you're hitting the weights, going for a run, or mastering your yoga poses, our gear is versatile enough to support you in every activity. From compression wear for muscle support to breathable fabrics for cardio, we've got you covered.



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  • "I purchased the African Queen and the Princess Sweat. They both helped me get back to my pre-baby weight and shape my waist up. The African Queen was a great corset to wear post-partum, and very comfortable after my c-section. It also helped out with my posture as well. The sweat vest helped me sweat while working out, to burn off extra belly fat! I'd recommend purchasing both of those together, they're the perfect combo to burn belly fat and snatch your waist."

    - Briana O.

  • "Probably the best waist trainer I've had! It's not uncomfortable but I can still feel it working. It also doesn't move like other ones I've had in the past. Plus I am in love with the pattern!"

    - Megan J.

  • "One of the most comfortable yet effective waist trainers I've ever had! I'm usually very uncomfortable trying to wear a waist trainer day to day, but with this one, it's like I can't go a day without it! I sit and stand for long periods of time and the back support from this trainer is amazing. Not to mention I've seen a difference just from daily wear and monitoring my food intake, no exercise! That was unbelievable to me, but these trainers speak for themselves. You will not be disappointed. I'm so glad I finally found something to get my love handles to act right!!!"

    - Shakell S.

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